Year of Mercy

Discovering ways to live this Holy Year of Mercy…

Be Merciful just as your Father is Merciful

Luke 6:36

Opening Our Hearts to Those Living on the Fringes of Society

Discovering ways to Live the Year of Mercy…


11 Ways to Live the Year of Mercy

  1. Read and continue to dig deeper into the Jubilee of Mercy  Bull of Indication Related Post - with a link to the document
  2. Study/pray the life and words of Jesus in the Gospels Related Post - for more detail
  3. Study/pray all of the Scripture references in the Bull of Indiction Related Post and complete list of verses with links
  4. Create my own "Holy Doors" Related Post - for how and why.
  5. Pilgrimage - Physical at some point... spiritual starting today! Related Post with more detail
  6. Opening our hearts to those living on the fringes of society.  Living the corporal and spiritual works of mercy
  7. Holy Moments - Create Holy Moments in every point in this plan - Holy Moments - In the Year of Mercy
  8. Study the Face of Jesus - Jesus Christ is the Face of the Father's Mercy
  9. Study the Saints of Mercy - post coming soon.
  10. Reconciliation / Confession - The Sacrament of Mercy
  11. Spend time with Our Blessed Mother Mary - Mary Mother of Mercy - pray for us


Mercy in Service to Others – Holy Thursday

“Do you realize what I have done for you? You call me ‘teacher’ and ‘master,’ and rightly so, for indeed I am. If I, therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet ... Read More

The Original Image of Divine Mercy This looks like a great movie.  One of the challenges at our parish is helping people understand (or want to understand) Divine Mercy Sunday(we have celebrated it in our parish for about 9 years now) and the Divine Mercy ... Read More

Moments of Mercy – USCCB

The United States Council of Catholic Bishops has created a Moments of Mercy page on their website.  They just recently put up April's: April 2016 While Lent was a penitential season, the Easter season (which lasts longer than the Lenten ... Read More

Mary Mother of Mercy – Pray for us

My thoughts now turn to the Mother of Mercy. May the sweetness of her countenance watch over us in this Holy Year, so that all of us may rediscover the joy of God’s tenderness. No one has penetrated the profound ... Read More

It’s time to rediscover God’s mercy!

Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis Courtesy of Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Inauguration of the Jubilee of Mercy 8 December 2015 Dear Brothers and Sisters, In a few moments I will have the joy of opening the Holy Door ... Read More

Reconciliation in the Year of Mercy

I have been thinking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Year of Mercy for some time now.  The obvious response was to go more often and with greater fervor.  However, I felt that there was more that I needed ... Read More

Jesus Christ is the Face of the Father’s Mercy

I was looking for inspiration for an image that would summarize the Year of Mercy, so I took my own advice and went back to the Papal Bull ... Read More

Holy Moments – In the Year of Mercy

At our Parish this year for Christmas we will be giving away Matthew Kelly's new book, Rediscover Jesus.  Have you read the book?  I was not sure when I picked it up to read, and I even slowed down a ... Read More

Pilgrim Registration is Open!

To participate in the Major Events of the Jubilee in Rome and to pass through the Holy Door of Saint Peter’s Basilica, it is necessary to register. You can register through the page “Pilgrim Registration” on the web site ... Read More

The Official Jubilee of Mercy Hymn – Very Beautiful

Hymn for the Year of Mercy (click on the link for a pdf of the sheet music and the words in English) ... Read More

Pilgrimage – Physical and Spiritual

The practice of pilgrimage has a special place in the Holy Year, because it represents the journey each of us makes in this life. Life itself is a pilgrimage, and the human being is a viator, a pilgrim travelling along the road, ... Read More

Why I was inspired to start this Year of Mercy Blog

I was inspired to reflect on the Year of Mercy because of a dream/vision that I had on July 14, 2015. Below is the writing from my prayer journal that next day. July 15, 2015 I had a vision yesterday ... Read More